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LDisk / LDisk-D™

iSCSI Target Storage (SAN) Add-In

For WHS-2011, WSS-Essentials, SBS-2011-Essentials, WS2012-Essentials


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 Use LDisk-D to add iSCSI Target/Storage to:

   - LaCie 5big Office, 5big Office+, 4big Rack Office 

   - WD Sentinel DX4000

   - Tranquil PC Riley

   - Viridian PC Servers

   - Others.... 



Adds iSCSI Target Storage/SAN capability to Windows Home Server-2011, Windows Storage Server-2008R2-Essentials, SBS-2011-Essentials, and Windows Server 2012-Essentials. Why do I need this Add-In or iSCSI Target:

  • Create a single Storage/SAN (Storage Area Network) appliance to provide all your storage and backup needs

  • Higher data transfer speed than regular file transfer protocol (NAS)

  • You can boot from iSCSI which you can not do with NAS. What it means is that you can allocate a piece of your iSCSI storage to an external computer, load an operating system there and boot your computer from that iSCSI storage instead of an internal hard drive. You can even have multiple different OSes for the same computer and depending on what your needs are, you select which OS to boot from. 

  • Content of the iSCSI volumes that you allocate to a computer can not be seen or accessed from any other computer. That is a requirement for some environments. NAS shares are visible to all computers on the same network. 

  • You can have SAN (Storage Area Network) without the high costs of Fibre Channel SAN equipments.

  • When you give an iSCSI volume to a computer, that volume looks like a local disk in that computer. It kind of looks like you added a hard drive to that computer. So when you run out of room to add hard drives to your computers you can get an external iSCSI storage and provide additional storage for your computers.

  • You can use Apple's Time Machine to backup your apple computers into an iSCSI storage

  • You can have your storage in one building and computers in another building

  • You can back up your computers into an iSCSI storage in a different building to protect your data against disasters

  • iSCSI Storage provides for a central storage for multiple computers which make it much easier to manage.

  • There are some environments that require iSCSI storage and do not run on NAS shares. Examples of these environments are some virtualization environments, some particular applications, or data bases, and several more

  • Can create bigger than 2TB iSCSI volumes

  • Storage Expansion through iSCSI

  • Supports internal or external drives

  • You can take immediate or scheduled snapshot (shadow copy):

        - To recover lost files

        - To use them for backup

        - To Revert content of a volume to a previous date

        - To Convert a snapshot to a volume




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